Mark Capital Coverage Map

States Serviced

We provide equipment financing in the following US states:

  • Washington

  • Oregon

  • Idaho

  • Montana

  • Wyoming

  • Nevada

  • Utah

  • Colorado

  • Arizona

  • New Mexico

  • Texas

  • North Dakota

  • South Dakota

Types of Industries

We prefer financing equipment in these industries, but are open to others as well.

  • Transportation
  • Construction

  • Logging

Industries we are not currently considering include Restaurant, Dry Cleaning, Tanning, and other soft collateral industries.

Types of Equipment

We finance hard assets only, both titled and non-titled.  Preferred equipment includes:

  • Trucks
  • Trailers

  • Logging Equipment

  • Construction Equipment

We are currently considering transactions that meet the following parameters:

  • Funding request between $30K and $200K
  • Hard collateral, such as: trucks, trailers, logging equipment, agricultural equipment, construction equipment. New and used equipment are acceptable.

Time in Business

We prefer businesses with a minimum of 2 years time in business, however we consider startups with strong guarantors.

Guarantor Credit

We prefer borrowers to maintain a 650 FICO score or above.  However, we look at more than just the score and will consider transactions with lower credit scores if the story makes sense.

Assuming the customer’s story makes sense, we can fund deals where the customer is a startup or has had a prior bankruptcy.

Originator Portal (FLEX)

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